The Shocking Number of Kids Who Will Walk Away From the Church


According to Creation Ministries International, “66-88% of young people are leaving the church, never to return.”  See the video clip here.

Why is this happening? My theory is that there are two main reasons for this (among several others):

  • Christianity has been removed from public schools

  • Children are taught evolution over creation in public schools

This means that, when your child goes out into the world:

  • He/she is learning from the start that we evolved from well, bacteria
  • It’s OK to make up our own mind as to what we believe is right and wrong
  • That it’s not OK to pray in school

Then, when we try to infuse Christianity into their brains, there is a major conflict:

  • Between the truth and a lie.
  • Between right and wrong.
  • Between creation and evolution.
  • Between obeying God’s rules and creating our own rules.

This is why it’s up to you, Mom and Dad, to take control of what your child is taught, and start with an EARLY foundation of teaching them about the Bible, Jesus and Christianity.

Infuse in their brains and lay upon their hearts the importance of following Jesus, so that they will be able to stand up courageously against criticism when they are faced with it.

That’s what Raising Faith Warriors is here to help you with.  As a mother of two children, I am in the same boat as you.  My strongest desire and most-prayed prayer is that my children come to know Jesus and live a life following Him.

And I have a feeling that’s your desire too.

Join me on this journey of teaching our children what’s right.  I believe, with God’s help, our faith can move mountains.

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