Dangerous Trends of Mainstream Music and How to Easily Steer Your Kids Toward This Instead

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If your kids are anything like mine, they are probably drawn to the catchy pop songs on mainstream radio.  Upbeat, catchy music puts a smile on my face. It makes me bounce, turn up the radio and puts me in a fun mood.  My kids definitely get a kick out of listening to music with me because my singing is so horrible that well, they get a good kick out of it!

So what’s the problem? The problem isn’t with upbeat, catchy music, itself.  The problem is with some of the mainstream pop music that contain messages that make me cringe and want to put ear muffs on my children.  Most mainstream songs are what I would deem inappropriate for my kids to hear.

It scares me to think about what goes into our children’s ears when they are listening to mainstream music.

I’ve listened to a few catchy mainstream songs recently, that at first I really liked, until I listened to the lyrics, that is – that’s when the cringe-factor weighed in. I usually end up angrily shaking my head in disgust as I turn it to the next station. I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you feel that same disgust I do when you hear those lyrics – and you are rushing to put a pair of ear muffs on your kids as well.

It makes me angry that these messages are out there for our kids to so easily hear.  Does it you?

Some of the lyrics of songs in the “Top 40 hits” that a lot of kids are listening to consist of words and messages such as

  • Very obscene language, including taking God’s name in vainChristian Playlist
  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Cheating
  • Violence

Most mainstream pop music today contains bad messages as a whole.

The problem is, if our kids listen to this, they start thinking that “just because such and such pop star has sang about this, it must be OK to do.”  Or another way to put it – we are what we listen to.

So how do we give our kids something that they want to jam and bounce to but will also instill a good, wholesome message?

It seems that several Christian artists are making an effort to create upbeat, catchy music and what’s the result?  Music that will have your kids jumping out of their seats dancing, singing and worshiping! I came up with a solution to put your mind at ease.

Christian Playlist that your Kids (and you) Will Feel Like Jamming Out to

Below is a playlist that you can incorporate play for your children around the house and in school.  If you have an MP3 player, you can purchase the MP3.  If you have Pandora on your phone or computer, you can look up stations by the artist’s name and create your own similar Christian playlist.

My daughter, son and I have “dance parties” where we play some of the music on the playlist that makes us want to move, sing and “raise the roof” together.  We have a blast, all while worshiping the Lord. What a joyous way to enjoy music!

Do you have any recommendations you’d like to add to the list?  If so, please let me know!  I would love to have songs to add to our playlist as well!

Upbeat Christian Dance Music Playlist

  • Move (Keep Walkin’) – Toby Mac
  • You Gave Me a Promise – Fireflight
  • Live for the Drop – Capital Kings
  • Til the Day I Die – Toby Mac
  • Our King – Tree63
  • I Feel So Alive – Capital Kings
  • Tonight (Capital Kings Remix) – Toby Mac
  • Ready Set Go (feat. Capital Kings) – Royal Table
  • Lauren Daigle – Trust in You
  • Feelin’ So Fly – Toby Mac
  • Fire Blazin’ – Capital Kings
  • Unstoppable – Toby Mac
  • The River – Jordan Feliz
  • Funky Jesus Music – Toby Mac
  • Man on Fire – Newsboys
  • God’s Not Dead – Newsboys
  • Your Love Never Fails – Newsboys
  • Fix My Eyes – for King & Country
  • That’s How You Change the World – Newsboys
  • Favorite Song – Toby Mac
  • Believer – Capital Kings
  • Beyond Me – Toby Mac
  • Breathe – Jonny Diaz
  • Never Stop – Urban Rescue
  • Lights Shine Bright – Toby Mac

How to incorporate this into your already busy schedule:

  • Play it in the car on the way to and from school and practice
  • Play it in the house while you are cooking or doing chores together

Give your children a few weeks of listening to this music and see if it makes a difference in their thinking and language habits.  I have a feeling it will!

So go ahead, start implementing this music into your children’s (and your) lives today if you haven’t already and have fun jamming out to wholesome, upbeat music!

“Let’s fill them with truth while they’re still in their youth.” -Kristen

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31

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