Have Fun While Teaching Your Children About Christmas with this Powerful Method!

Teach your children the real meaning of Christmas – in a fun way that they’ll never forget

Imagine the smell of pine needles and cinnamon, the sights of red and green, the sounds of bells, the feeling of warmth of a cozy fire while tasting hot apple cider.  What does this all remind you of?  What’s just around the corner?  Christmas-time of course!

But let’s be serious for a minute.  It’s Christmas-time.  You turn on the TV – and what is mentioned about Christmas? Santa? Yes.  Shopping? Yes.  Elf on the Shelf. Probably.  But is Jesus mentioned? Rarely.  Does it sadden you that our society as a whole has forgotten what Christmas is really about? It should, and if so, you’re definitely not alone.  According to The Christian Institute, a “Third of kids don’t know Christmas is about Jesus.”  This is very startling and disheartening.  But guess who it’s up to – to change this?  You guessed it – you and me, the parents. After all, how are our children to know the Truth if someone doesn’t tell them?

When my children think about Christmas,  I want them to think about Jesus before they think about Santa, and I want them to in the greatest gift of all – the gift of salvation – before they think about gifts under the tree.  In order for this to happen of course, we, the parents have got to spearhead this mission of teaching our children the real meaning of Christmas.  Below is one fun activity that costs no money, but will instill joy and truth in your children, and a lifetime of great memories, and maybe, just maybe, a tradition that your children will hand down to their children:

One of the many great things about this time of year is that it gives us a perfect opportunity to teach our children what Christmas is all about.  If you know me, you know I love teaching things not just by memorization and lecture, but by hands-on experience and lots of fun!

So, I have a great activity for you to do with your children. In fact, you might want to get on the phone and call up several families in your neighborhood to participate:

Go CHRISTmas Caroling

“Teach them the REAL meaning of
Christmas – not society’s meaning.”
Kristen with RFW

But wait, not just ANY kind of Christmas caroling…caroling that is Christ-centered.

Here’s the best part:  The fun of this type of caroling isn’t just one night only – it’s nine nights of fun and learning, total! You’ll be teaching your kids the meaning of Christmas, while dancing around the kitchen, singing together!  Wow!  Memories are going to be made in your family for sure!

Beforehand, when you practice the songs with your children (which, ahem, don’t worry – I’ve already come up with a list for you), you can teach them the meaning of these songs (which,

Photo Credit: www.kristenclabaugh.com

ahem, don’t worry – I’ve already listed the link to to below – I gotcha covered).

By the way, the meanings and origin of each song are super-neat to learn about.  For instance, according to www.bibleheartburn.com, the origin for Away in a Manger goes something like this:

“Murray further stated in his popular songbook, Dainty Songs for Little Lads and Lasses, that Martin Luther had not only written “Away in a Manger,” but had sung it to his children each night before bed. As the song spread across a growing America and people began to sing it at home, in churches, and at schools, they often envisioned legions of German mothers rocking their babies to sleep each night with the strains of “Away in a Manger.””
(excerpt from https://bibleheartburn.com/2013/12/11/the-story-behind-away-in-a-manger/)

Then, meet up with your fellow friends in the neighborhood and their parents, frollick ’round the neighborhood with hot chocolate in your hands and start caroling at people’s doors. And guess what, you’ll be spreading the Message to them, too!

When these people walk out on their porch and a smile grows upon their faces – you will all experience such a wonderful feeling of joy – you’ll already be making plans to do it again next year!

So here’s your plan to spreading the message by CHRISTmas Caroling, step-by-step:

  1. Text your friends in your neighood or at your church to see who would be interested in caroling one night and set a date.
  2. Print out the PDFs below with lyrics (the “Sing Along” links beside each song) and send this link to all the parents who are participating to do the same.
  3. Agree with one another that you will teach your kids the meaning of the songs while practicing.
  4. Choose one song each day on the eight days leading up to Caroling Day to learn and practice.  Take a few minutes to go over the origin and meaning with your children (don’t just read straight from the link. Read it, interpret it and explain it to them in children’s terms), and then sing it together.

On CHRISTmas Caroling Day:

  1. Enjoy the warmth, taste and smell of hot chocolate with your caroling friends by making sure you have some your favorite mug to take with you.
  2. Be sure to take copies of your song lyrics along with you.
  3. Go caroling, spread the Word, and see your neighbors’ faces light up with joy!

Oh yeah – if you’re like me and your singing sounds, well, kind of sickly 😉 – don’t worry – you don’t have to sing well to do this project!  The first time I went caroling I was so worried about my out-of-tune voice! With several others singing along with you, you will blend right in and hey – no one will be judging! They’ll just be happy that you’re there sharing the message! Oh and a tip to ensure the kids’ sweet voices are heard above the rest –  put them up front in front of the adults for the show!

CHRISTmas Song List:

I have come up with a list of CHRISTmas carols that will spread the message of Jesus to your kids and that they will love learning and singing!

To the side, you will see links for the origin of the song, as well as a link to the meaning to help you easily teach your child about each.


  1. Away in a Manger: PDF Printout |  Sing Along Origin
  2. Silent Night: PDF Printout Sing Along |  Origin
  3. O Little Town of Bethlehem: Sing AlongOrigin
  4. Joy to the World: Sing Along |  Origin
  5. Angels We Have Heard on High: Sing Along |  Origin
  6. The First Noel: Sing AlongOrigin
  7. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing: Sing AlongOrigin
  8. O Holy Night: Sing AlongOrigin

Have a blast teaching, and more than anything, worshiping our wonderful Creator while singing these songs!

Sing to the LORD a new song; Sing to the LORD, all the earth. Sing to the LORD, bless His name; Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day. – Psalm 96: 1-2

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Do you want to know how to give your life to Jesus and have eternal life with Him or want to know how to explain becoming a Christian to your kids?

1. Accept that you’re a sinner and are separated from God.
2. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and died on the cross for your sins and rose from the grave.
3. Confess your sins to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you.

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