Who am I?

My name is Kristen.

I am a Christian.

I am a mother of two.

I am a wife to a wonderful, Christian husband.

I am a Sunday School teacher to 8th graders.

I have a deep love and passion for photography and design.

I can’t carry on a conversation until I’ve had my morning cup o’ joe.

I love traveling, the outdoors and adventures.

I have a deep love for boots and the color mint.

I believe we have a Creator.

I do not believe in evolution.

I believe that our children are being taught false information about how we came to be, and that society is exposing them to sinful, immoral behavior at a young age.

I believe that these teachings and exposure to immoral behavior are turning children away from Christianity and the truth.

But I didn’t always believe this way…



Here is my story…

My name is Kristen.  I’m a thirty-something who tends to fall down a lot and bump into things.  But the best part?  God is always there to pick me up.

I grew up in church. My mom always took me to Sunday school when I was little, kept me involved in the youth program in middle school,  which set a great foundation for me. God used this foundation to help me find my way back when I was lost.



Outside of church, I was taught:

  • that there was death, sickness and destruction before the first “humans” came along
  • that we “evolved” from apes, who “evolved” from reptiles (hello, great, great great great, etc… grandmother, Lucy, the Ape)
  • that the Big Bang Theory is how everything came into existence

…and so many more so-called “scientific facts” that go against Biblical history.  I bet you can relate…

“But what about the Old Testament?” I thought. “And the bible in general?  This goes against everything I’m being outside of church.”

So, I made an assumption: A lot of the bible must just be a story – a way for God to teach us right from wrong, but not actual, historical events.

Little did I realize, my faith had already started to  dwindle  disappear…


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