What is a Faith Warrior?

“Conformity to the world can be overcome by nothing but conformity to Jesus.”
                                                                                               -Andrew Murray

What is a “Faith Warrior?”

A faith warrior is someone whose faith is so strong and solid, that they will defend it under any circumstance.

Only by the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit, can your child become a faith warrior.  We are here to give you methods to teach your child about Jesus and the Bible, and to encourage them to pray for guidance and wisdom from the Holy Spirit so that their faith will become and stay strong.

We are dedicated to teaching you to show your children, with actions and words – how to choose Jesus over the world – a choice with eternal rewards.

Happy pupil

How do we do this?  Through many ways.  Most of these are creative, interactive methods, which include, but are not limited to:

  • daily activities
  • our own actions and behavior
  • crafts
  • experiences and field trips
  • suggested books and readings
  • suggested conversations to have with your children
  • and so much more…

These teachings are of NO charge to you – it’s absolutely free.  Would you like to join our community of Christian parents dedicated to teaching their kids about the Bible and Jesus? Start receiving lessons to your inbox by joining here. 

“I have a passion to teach parents how to effectively teach their children about the Bible and Jesus.

I want to share my conviction of the Bible being completely, 100% true and to help parents teach their kids how to follow Jesus instead of the world.

I care about your children and the next generation and, as followers of Jesus, we are commanded to go out and tell the world. My goal is to help you to spread His truth to our children, who in turn, can spread it to the world.”

-Kristen with Raising Faith Warriors