What We Teach

Raising Faith Warriors gives you creative lessons to teach your children about Jesus and that choosing to follow Him is a choice with eternal rewards.

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Together, We Can teach our Children the Importance of Staying Faithful in a Faithless World

RFW shares the Truth with the next generation by:

  • Giving them historical evidence of the Bible – both Old and New Testaments
  • Giving them evidence against evolution and for Creation
  • Giving them evidence for Christianity and teaching that it is not just based on “blind faith”
  • Explaining why we should Follow Jesus in all areas of our lives and surrender our whole life to Him
  • Explaining what it means to be the light of the world
  • Explaining how Jesus is the answer to all of our problems

So, how do we do this?


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1. Together, We Teach them to Follow Jesus Instead of the World

John 12:24-25   |  2 Corinthians 4 7-18

Raising Faith Warriors is dedicated to helping your child to “put on his/her spiritual armor” by:

  • Teaching them that following and loving Jesus comes above all else and that He is the source of true joy and peace.
  • Teaching them what it means to “die to self” and fully surrender our lives to Jesus.  If we die to self and let the Holy Spirit permeate our bodies and minds, He will transform our way of thinking about all of the trivial matters in life.
  • Explaining to your kids the difference between selfishness and selflessness and which one Jesus prefers.
  • Teaching your children that the Bible’s teachings has authority over the world’s teachings. After all, who is more knowledgeable and trustworthy? God or man?
  • Explaining to your child how important it is to listen to God instead of the world and what the consequences can be if they don’t.

What would eliminate every. single. act of:

  • violence
  • hate
  • racial discrimination
  • murder
  • people going hungry?

The answer: If we all followed Jesus. Could you imagine what a wonderful world it would be?

Raising Faith Warriors explains that the solution to all of these is… (drum roll) Jesus, and why it’s so important not only for us to follow Him but to tell others about Him.

The awesome thing is, when Jesus returns, this is how it will be. A new Earth.

We can’t fully walk the walk until we have a personal relationship with Jesus. We may serve others, be kind, but deep down, it’s all for our gain, unless we have a relationship to Christ. Then He will fill us with the desire to truly care for others.

We only love others because He first loved us.

  • Raising Faith Warriors teaches them to follow Jesus’ first commandment, to love Him with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind.
  • Raising Faith Warriors explains what it means to truly love someone – that it’s a sacrifice, not a feeling and that we can’t truly know sacrificial love without knowing Jesus’ love
  • We explain how the Holy Spirit changes our thinking about ourselves and the world. It helps us to put others first and to see what’s important
  • We explain and teach your kids Jesus’ teachings from the Bible
  • We help you to explain who the Holy Spirit is, by quoting verses and chapters from the Bible and describing them in a way your child can understand

If We Make Jesus Lord of Our Lives, Everything Else falls into Place.


2. We Teach You How to Teach the Truth in a World Full of False Teachings

  • RFW teaches children why they should trust the Bible’s authenticity.
  • We teach that the evidence for God and Jesus are SO much stronger than the evidence of us evolving from a single-celled organism (evolution).
  • With so many other religions (as well as aethiesm) all around, your child will be faced with this dilemma at some point: he or she will be questioning the reality of God and Jesus.
    RFW helps you to explain the evidence that has been found regarding the Bible and why God and His Word make SO much more sense than aethiesm or any other religion
  • RFW gives metaphors about the Bible’s time and culture related to our time and culture help our children to better understand.  We help to put stories from the Bible into today’s perspective.
  • How much do we really know about how we got here, and how the universe came into existence, etc.  without going to the true source – the Bible? If we leave it up to outside sources to teach our children this, they will be steered away from their understanding of the Bible.
    RFW explains what the Bible says and the evidence behind it by pulling from other studied and scientific sources, so that when your child is bombarded with evolutionary heresy, he/she will be able to stand strong in his/her beliefs.

RFW gives answers to the hard questions that your kids will ask themselves at some point.  We will also teach them how to give those answers to non-believers and skeptics, and how to courageously spread the Gospel and Truth to others

RFW helps your child give a justified answer to the most common questions that society raises about Christianity that they will most likely face in their childhood.

  • Does God exist?
    RFW will help teach you as well as explain to your child the plain evidence of a Creator, compared to the fact that it’s basically impossible that we could exist without a Creator, and who this Creator is (the one true God).
  • Why does God allow evil and sickness?
    RFW will help you give a strong answer when your child asks this question. We will explain the Fall of Adam and Eve and the Curse in such a way that your child will be able to clearly understand.
  • Why can’t everyone go to Heaven?
    RFW explains that while God is love and loves everyone, He is also a God of justice, and that since He is Holy, He cannot allow sinfulness to enter His Kingdom. Therefore, unless there is true repentance and acceptance of Jesus from the sinner, they will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He grieves over our sin and desires that we come to His Son to repent.
  • There are so many other religions out there. Why Jesus?
    RFW helps explain the other religions to your child and that the foundational basis of them is not anywhere near as strong as Jesus and the Holy Bible. People have always worshiped other “gods”, such as a golden calf etc. We will put that into perspective and explain that these are made up by people. The only true God is God receivefreelessons_ctaHimself which includes The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. We will help them to explain that to others as well.
  • We explain to your kids that we are to love Jesus first, how to deepen and defend their faith, and to give an answer for the hard questions.
    RFW helps you explain to your children in a way they can understand why putting Jesus first is the most important thing they can do, and how to defend their faith when questioned.
  • When someone comes up to your child and disputes the faith, we don’t want their faith to weaken, we instead want them to use that as an opportunity to help make someone else’s faith stronger.
    RFW helps your child to give a strong answer to those who oppose their faith when questioned, so that not only your child’s faith will stay strong but they may help to strengthen someone else’s faith

3. We teach you, the parent, as well

  • RFW teaches you what you need to know before you can effectively teach your kids.
    We help you as a parent and follower of Jesus yourself, to fully understand all the topics we will cover with your kids so that your faith can grow deeper and you will be able to better explain it to your kids.

But first, there’s one question we would like you to ask yourself before starting this journey:

Are you fulling submitting to Jesus?  The only way you can accurately portray Jesus’ love to your children is to fully submit all areas of your life to Him. If you are not portraying His love, and only teaching them about Him, then it will be hard for them to understand the importance of fully submitting to Him.

I was actually failing to full surrender to Him at one point in time myself until God gave me a bit of a wake-up call.  You can read my story here.

If you feel unsure about the answer to this, I encourage you to pray, before going any further for Him to take control of all areas in your life.

Glowing cross and road

  • RFW explains to you the importance of fully surrendering to Jesus with testimonies, and outside resources as well. Again, as stated above, we cannot effectively spread His Word until we, ourselves have fully surrendered to Him.
  • We teach you to teach your children to trust.  How do we do this?  By first teaching them to trust YOU as their parents.  By showing them that they can trust you, it will be even easier for them to trust our Heavenly Father as their Lord and Savior. Be a trustworthy parent and person in all areas of your life.
  • We teach your children the difference between morals in the Bible and morality in the world and the difference between the two – as well as specific topics.

RFW is dedicated to teaching your children, through the teachings of the Bible, to differentiate between right and wrong in this muddled, morally confusing world, and that when they, too, decide to follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit will help them to discern between right and wrong.

4. We give you and your children the “why“.

We give the back story.

We don’t sugar coat the truth.

We tell why the world is like it is, how it got in this shape, according to the Bible.

We teach Creation as it is taught in the Bible.

We teach why evolution is not even a possibility and all of the false teachings associated with it.

We teach why Jesus had to die on the cross for us

We teach why children need to believe in Him, not just “because we tell them to”

We teach how the explanations in Bible makes everything in the world make sense.

Are you ready to take this journey?  If so, let’s start with a prayer:

“Dear Lord Jesus, I thank you for this opportunity to be able to share the gospel and the truth with my children.  Please lead me in the way You desire for me to go.  Please guide me in teaching my children about You, the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Please be with me along this journey and help reveal any areas of my life that need to be fully surrendered to you as well.”

In Jesus name,


Let’s begin…